Math 308 -Introduction to Abstract Algebra- Fall 2022

Weekly schedule

Week 1 Properties of the integers, modular arithmetics, introduction and first examples of groups
Week 2  Examples of groups and morphisms
Week 3 Subgroups, normal subgroups, normalizers
Week 4 Quotients, isomorphism theorems

Midterm 1

Week 5 Classifying groups, alternating groups
Week 6 Products, actions and semidirect products
Week 7 Basics of ring theory
Week 8 Examples, morphisms, ideals

Midterm 2

Week 9 Localization, the Chinese reminder theorem
Week 10 Euclidean domains, P.I.D's and U.F.D's
Week 11 Polynomial rings
Week 12 More on polynomial rings

Midterm 3

Week 13 Basics of linear algebra
Week 14 The basis theorem, fields
Week 15 Field extensions