Dr. Juan Orendain    

Visiting Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve University
E-mail juan.orendain[ at] case [dot] edu


Math 308
Math 227

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  • w/R. Oeckl. Compositional Quantum Field Theory: An axiomatic presentation. Pereprint vers.
  • Free globularly generated double categories II: The canonical double projection. Cahiers de topologie et géometrie différentielle catégoriques Vol. LXII (2021) Issue 3. pp 243-302 Preprint vers. Journal vers. 
  • Free globularly generated double categories I. Theory and Applications of Categories Vol. 34 No.42, pp 1343-138. Preprint vers. Journal vers.
  • Lifting bicategories into double categories: The globularly generated condition. Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 34, No. 4, pp 80-108. Preprint vers.  Journal vers.
  • Combinatorial dimensions: Indecomposability of certain local trivial extension algebras. Journal of Algebra an Applications, 13, No. 06. Preprint vers. Journal vers.
  • On direct sum decompositions of Krull-Schmidt artinian modules. Journal of Algebra and Applications, 13, No. 03. Preprint vers. Journal vers.
  • Lifting bicategories through the Grothendieck construction. Submitted. Preprint vers.
  • Cylinder topological quantum field theory: A categorical presentation of classical field theory and its symmetries. Preprint vers.
  • A note on the existence of essential indecomposable submodules of Ore domains. Preprint vers.

In preparation

  • w/R. Oeckl. Compositional Quantum Field Theory II: State spaces and involutive symmetric monoidal functors
  • w/J.A. Zapata. A cubical approach to higher lattice gauge theory.
  • Length one double cateogries via End-indexigs.

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